How to Cover a Live Event

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If you’re heading to an event, be it a blogger conference, an awards ceremony, or even just your best friend’s wedding, you may want to be covering it for your community live, via social media.

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Not only will live coverage give you great content, it will give your community members a more intimate sense of your perspective and let you hone your storytelling capabilities on the fly.


How Hard Is Your Job?

Posted by & filed under advertisers, brands, campaign, community, conversational marketing, storytelling. posted an ad for a job that had the insane requirements of 135+ hours a week, no lunch, no breaks, and no pay!

Surprisingly, several people answered the ad, and as they were interviewed it became clear that this job was much, much more than they could even imagine.

We bet some of you already know what job it is, but watch until the very end for the reveal and the authentic reactions of the interviewees.

This video is a great reminder of the power of personal connections and stories between brands and their customers.

What’s Your Frequency?

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How often are you updating your community? If its less than once a week, it may not enough!

The new Google SEO algorithm, called Hummingbird, is all about context over keywords. This new algorithm seeks websites that write about a subject using different synonyms, tenses, and lots of variation on the same topic. This is to ensure that search results that pop up are actually relevant to the search keywords used.

But the best way to move your blog higher on the search page is frequent posting. You may write interesting, highly detailed content about a topic, but if you are only posting about this topic once a month, you content will not be as timely as other communities that are more frequently updated. The more detailed posts you have about a topic, the more context Google is given to evaluate, and the higher you will be found in a search query.

Read this great post from Carrie Morgan about understanding the new SEO and let us know how often you’re updating on our Facebook or Twitter.

Women Entrepreneurs At a Glance

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This infographic from lists the top cities for women entrepreneurs and we were excited to see San Francisco, which is where Linqia headquarters are located, at number two on the list!

In fact, 30% of San Francisco’s businesses are run by women. Read what our CEO and co-founder, Maria Sipka, has to say about being a female entrepreneur in this interview for Forbes, and let us know what women business-owners are doing in your area in the comments, on our Facebook, or Twitter!








How much sponsored content is too much?

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Getting approached by a brand that wants to work with you can be exhilarating. You’ve made it! Bask in your glory, and start on this exciting new journey with passion and optimism.

Once you’ve run a couple of sponsored campaigns, written a few reviews, hosted some fun giveaways, and repeat, it might start to feel as though the sponsored opportunities are more plentiful than your time. How can you ensure you’re balancing sponsored content with the original, authentic posts that made brands want to work with you in the first place?



Is Your Content Nutritionally Sound?

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 As we discussed in our 7 Ideas for Fresh Content post, it is wise to maintain a steady stream of new posts to keep your community members interested.

It is also important to make sure you have a harmonious mix of content types, as this infographic from Jason Miller at the LinkedIn Marketing Blog demonstrates. What do you think about this idea, is your community too heavy on the sweets or needing a little meat? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook and Twitter!



Meet the Team: Steve Armstrong

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Stephen and dog friend Andy

Steve and dog friend Andy

Name: Steve Armstrong

Role at Linqia: Software Engineer

Describe what you do at Linqia (in just a sentence or two!):

I help build the technology that everyone else uses to connect communities to their best brands.

How long have you been working at Linqia and how did you get here?

I’ve been part of Linqia for 4 months, and I’m here from Canada by plane (to South Bay), automobile (to Fremont), and train (BART to the city.)

What is your favorite part about working at Linqia?

Being a nerd, I like the technical challenge of looking at communities, their audience, and any performance in previous campaigns, and trying to predict the perfect campaign match for them.

What are you most passionate about?

Computer programs and our software should be invisible. If engineering has done its job, our tech should work exactly how you expect it to work, so that you don’t even notice it being there.

What is something very few people know about you?

Anyone who’s seen me would know I wear a silverish pinky ring. Most don’t know why: Engineers in Canada are given the Iron Ring during a ceremony after graduation, that they should wear on the pinky finger of their working hand. The lore is that when the first Quebec Bridge collapsed due to bad design, killing 75 workers, one of the beams was melted down into rings for all engineers to remember their responsibility to diligence and professionalism. They keep diluting this so some fraction of every ring contains a part of that bridge as a reminder.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

Hiking (see photo) and video games, ideally in equal quantities to balance each other out.

What do you like the most about living in the Bay Area?

The microclimates. Back in Niagara Falls, you can drive for 8 hours with just a slight change in temperature. Here, 8 hours will take you from coastal rainforest, to temperate bay area, to mountains, to desert. How could anyone ever be bored in this place?

What is your favorite social media channel and why?

Google+ because it helps me manage different groups easier (share this post with Canada Friends group and Family group)


Announcing the Iris Awards

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Graphic adapted from

Graphic adapted from

As we discussed in our post about the top social media trends for 2014, this is the year that quality, authentic content will be widely recognized as powerful and important.

We are very happy to see this idea validated in the first ever Iris Awards, a new recognition event for parenting blogs, which aims “to spotlight quality and excellence,” among parenting community leaders. The awards are the brainchild of Laura Mayes and Carrie Pacini, who also founded the Mom 2.0 Summit and run their own fantastic blogs, Blog Con Queso and For The Feast respectively.

We are also thrilled to announce that our co-founder and CEO, Maria Sipka, will be a featured speaker at the awards!

These awards are open to any blogger, no matter how large or small.

“It really is about quality work,” said Laura Mayes in an intro video created for the awards, “we want to honor some of the outstanding work.”

Some of the exciting categories include:

-Best Sponsored Content Campaign

-Most Thought-Provoking Content

-Web Personality of the Year

-Best Brand Content Campaign of the Year

Anyone can nominate another blogger, and anyone who attended a Mom 2.0 Summit between February 2009 and May 2013 is eligible to vote on the nominations when they are announced on March 27th.

Voting will go until April 17th, and winners will be announced at a ceremony on the final day of the Mom 2.014 Summit in Atlanta, Ga.

Visit the official Iris Awards site here to nominate your favorite parenting communities for recognition and let us know who you’d like to see win in the comments below, or on our Facebook or Twitter!

Are your fonts on trend?

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Fashion moves fast, and on the internet, trends move even faster.

The look, design, and presentation of your community is important. Are your fonts up to date or are they getting a little stale?

We’ve compiled some of the hottest new fonts for 2014, as well as those that seem to be wearing out their welcome, view our graphic below for some inspiration and let us know what fonts you’re using in your community!


FontTrends copy



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