6 Tips for Self-Hosting a Giveaway on your Linqia Campaign

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So you’re thinking about self-hosting a giveaway with Linqia – how exciting!

It may seem daunting or very time consuming but self-hosting a giveaway can be stress free and dare I say it, fun. Giveaways are a great way to indulge your audiences, promote your blog post and reinforce your relationships with brands. So, that being said don’t shy away from them. Follow these 6 quick and easy tips to hosting a successful and hassle free giveaway.

The Calm Before the Storm…

1. Can I self-host a giveaway for a Linqia campaign? Of course you can! Sometimes a brand will even ask you to. But, if it isn’t written into the content be sure to reach out to your campaign Customer Success Manager or Community Manager to double check if this is OK. Some brands are sensitive to giveaway and sweepstakes promotions. Your campaign Customer Success Manager is your personal resource to help out with all aspects of your campaign, so they will have the details. Don’t you worry!

2. Think about the purpose/goal of the giveaway: So it’s a go for the giveaway. Now first things first, think about what you are really trying to accomplish with this giveaway. Has the brand specified an action they are looking to achieve? Do you want to drive more traffic to your campaign blog story? Knowing what you are trying to accomplish before jumping right into the giveaway will help you organize and develop your ideas to successfully run a self-hosted giveaway

3. Pick the Prize: Next, what are you giving away? Did the brand give you an item to giveaway? Is this a giveaway you decided to host? If so, pick a prize that is related to the theme or product of the brand you are working with. Remember your fashionista friend may not be interested in that super cool new kitchen gadget. Giveaways should be relevant to your audience and to the brands mission.

4. Timing: How long should it last? Your giveaway should not exceed the duration of your Linqia campaign. In fact, some brands might request that it ends on or before your campaign end date.

5. Counting Entries: So, you’ve decided on the perfect giveaway, now what? Well, in the initial planning phase you need to think about how your audiences will enter and how many times they can enter. Keep it simple and easy. The best way for your audiences to enter is through comments. Everyone has a comments section on their blog so why not take advantage of it. Have your audiences comment on their favorite feature, write about how they would use the product or what they would use it for. Not as many entries as you would like? Ask you audiences to comment on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to count as an additional entry. This is your chance to get creative. You know your audiences best.

• Heard Rafflecopter is the way to go?

This may not be the case. Although Rafflecopter allows for easy entry, you have to think of more than your audiences during a giveaway. Go back to Step 1. What is the purpose of the campaign? Are you trying to drive traffic to a specific landing page and help out one of your favorite brands? Well then, Rafflecopter is not the answer. Encourage interaction from your audiences. This will really amplify engagement. Win for you, win for your audience and also win for the brand!

It’s Go Time…

6. Write out the game plan: Make the directions clear and concise. State the entry directions in an easy to understand way so people know exactly what to do when they enter the giveaway. You also want them to know what to expect if they win. Need more tips? Check out more steps to writing blog contest rules here.

7. Shout it from the rooftops: We all know everyone loves free stuff, but they won’t love it if they don’t know about it so make a little noise. Include a stunning picture so everyone who sees it has to have it. Share it on your social media channels and get your audience excited to enter. Post, tweet and pin your awesome giveaway picture.

Sit Back and Relax…

8. Announce the winner: You’ve enjoyed the ride, and now its time to celebrate! Since you have already dictated how a winner will be chosen, it will be easy to pick out your top entry. Show them some love on your social channels. You want to ensure that they enjoyed the fun as much as you did.

And that’s it; you have just successfully hosted a giveaway for your Linqia Campaign!

That wasn’t so bad now was it?

Announcing the Winners of the Linqia Referral Contest!

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We are excited to announce the winners of the Linqia Referral Contest!


The 1st winner with the most accepted referrals to the Linqia platform is Megan Tenney from Shaping Up to Be a Mom!

 MeganTenney copy



The 2nd winner chosen at random from all participants was Krystyn Hall from Really, Are you Serious?


ReallyAreYou copy



The winners of our contest are receiving an iRobot Roomba 760 Robot vacuum valued at $449.99!

iRobot  iRobot Roomba® 760

iRobot iRobot Roomba® 760



Thank you to all our participants and feel free to congratulate our winners on the Linqia Facebook and Twitter pages!


Announcing the Linqia Referral Contest!

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ReferalContestGraphic copy

We are announcing the start of the Linqia Referral Contest!

We’re ready to extend our network of storytellers and seeking to work bloggers who would be excited to tell authentic stories on behalf of quality brands like Levi’s, Ghirardelli, Kotex, Pillsbury and more. And as you have first hand experience with Linqia, we’d love for you to consider inviting people you know who could be a great fit.


Stories That Make You Go Ooh! : Linqia’s New URL Shortener

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Linqia is committed to bringing our storytellers the ultimate brand experiences, which is why we are excited to launch our new URL shortener,!


We spent many hours exploring the benefits of a URL shortener for our storytellers and coming up with a really cool name was top of the list. We chose Why?

“Ooh!” is the reaction you have when you’re surprised, curious, and delighted, a reaction that is often associated with your stories shared through Linqia. We were striving for to fit the experience your audience has when they read your stories and inspired to click to learn more. We also wanted a name that people could easily identify and trust; an information source that provides them with relevant and interesting experiences.

an campaign link tweeted by a Linqia community leader

an campaign link tweeted by a Linqia community leader

What’s Next?

Linqia will be phasing out the use of other URL shorteners, like or, as not only indicates a credible link to your audience but can also provide insights as to how many people are taking action and which social channels are the most effective for engagement. These insights will enable us to better match you with the best brand story experience for you and your audience.

Let us know what you think about the new link on our Facebook or Twitter, and let us know what makes you say “Ooh!”

Meet the Team: Emily Tokheim

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Name: Emily Tokheim

Role at Linqia: Customer Success Manager

Describe what you do at Linqia (in just a sentence or two!):

I work directly with brands and Linqia storytellers to support a seamless campaign experience.

How long have you worked at Linqia and how did you get here?

I developed an interest for digital media in college. It’s a fascinating and ever-changing landscape, and in particular, I believe it is an exciting time to be a brand. I’ve been at Linqia for nine months, where I have the incredible opportunity to work closely with some of the greatest brands and businesses — all eager to engage people in a more authentic and meaningful way.

What is your favorite part about working at Linqia?

The people. Each day at work, I am surrounded by talented, funny, smart, solution-oriented people who feel both inspired and excited about what we’re building. Everyone has something incredible to offer, and ideas are evolved and translated real time.

What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about adventure — in every form. From traveling, to visiting every view point in the city, to meeting new people, I want to do it all. I always want to learn. I also like to make hand-made cards, write letters, seek advice from people who have been alive longer than I have, and practice yoga.

What is something very few people know about you?

I studied classical voice for over fifteen years, in addition to classical piano. Music was a huge part of my childhood, and though I no longer study it seriously, I attribute the training as having a big influence on ways I approach my life — with diligence, heart, practice, and performance.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

I’m obsessed with San Francisco — it has been the most encouraging and supportive city to me in the last year of living here. On the weekends, you can find me exploring the city on foot with friends. In this way, I’ve discovered so many intimate spaces that are entirely humanized by art, nature, people, music, and amazing food.

What do you like the most about living in the Bay Area?

The accessibility. You can hop in the car and, within an hour or two, be at the beach or the snow  — or viewing rows and rows of vineyards as you sip the best wine in the world. Beyond the geography, I count my blessings ALL THE TIME to live in a city where people’s passions are as equally diverse as they are inspired. People here want to change the world in the most interesting ways, and the BEST part is they believe they can, and then set out to do it.

What is your favorite social media channel and why?

Instagram. I love how it supports sharing content in beautiful, bite-sized photos. It’s simple, easy, and personal. I think it allows brands to capture intimacy in an uncluttered way — J.Crew does a great job with this. Their content is raw and makes you feel like you’re in the office with them or part of today’s photo shoot.

What Millennials Want

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Millennials, also know as Generation Y, are rising in the ranks as one of the most important demographics for brands to pursue. Moosylvania, the digital agency which also inspired our How to Cover a Live Event post, has conducted a fantastic study of over 1,000 Millennials to understand what drives their purchasing habits and brand loyalties.

You can request your own copy of the study from Moosylvania here, but in the meantime here are the top facts we’ve learned from this new data set.


How to Cover a Live Event

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If you’re heading to an event, be it a blogger conference, an awards ceremony, or even just your best friend’s wedding, you may want to be covering it for your community live, via social media.

LiveEvent copy

Not only will live coverage give you great content, it will give your community members a more intimate sense of your perspective and let you hone your storytelling capabilities on the fly.


How Hard Is Your Job?

Posted by & filed under advertisers, brands, campaign, community, conversational marketing, storytelling. posted an ad for a job that had the insane requirements of 135+ hours a week, no lunch, no breaks, and no pay!

Surprisingly, several people answered the ad, and as they were interviewed it became clear that this job was much, much more than they could even imagine.

We bet some of you already know what job it is, but watch until the very end for the reveal and the authentic reactions of the interviewees.

This video is a great reminder of the power of personal connections and stories between brands and their customers.

What’s Your Frequency?

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How often are you updating your community? If its less than once a week, it may not enough!

The new Google SEO algorithm, called Hummingbird, is all about context over keywords. This new algorithm seeks websites that write about a subject using different synonyms, tenses, and lots of variation on the same topic. This is to ensure that search results that pop up are actually relevant to the search keywords used.

But the best way to move your blog higher on the search page is frequent posting. You may write interesting, highly detailed content about a topic, but if you are only posting about this topic once a month, you content will not be as timely as other communities that are more frequently updated. The more detailed posts you have about a topic, the more context Google is given to evaluate, and the higher you will be found in a search query.

Read this great post from Carrie Morgan about understanding the new SEO and let us know how often you’re updating on our Facebook or Twitter.